Improve Your Credit Score Video Series

Step 1-Setting Your Score Goal

I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that today’s economy has produced a hostile credit environment, and credit has become a major concern for all consumers. This is why I am even more committed to helping you take control of your financial future, so that not only do you qualify for the lowest possible home loan interest rate, but you are also in position of financial freedom at all times-when financing a car, shopping for insurance, applying for a job, and so on. With this in mind, please see the quick tip below on how to take action so YOU can have control of your overall financial health. Tune in to this quick video segment and in less than ten minutes, you will learn how to set a realistic score goal, how long it might take to reach your score goal, what a good score is considered to be and how having a good score can save you thousands of dollars.

Step 2-Get a Complete Picture of Your Current Credit Situation

You’ve seen the multitude of ads, commercials, and I’m sure you’ve even been barraged with mailers too, that say “Call today for your free credit report.” But how do you know which, if any, are legit? As a consumer myself, I often find all the advertisements to be overwhelming and that is why today, I want to share a quick tip with you on the three reputable means to obtain your own copy of your credit report. Watch to learn why pulling your own credit is a MUST and what key things to what to watch out for when ordering your report. Don’t live in fear of what might be on your credit report-take action and get a complete picture of your credit situation so that you can have financial freedom!


Step 3-Creating Your Take Action Plan Checklist

Hopefully by now, you have obtained a copy of your credit report and you’re ready to take action. I can recall going through my first credit report-I didn’t even know where to start! Knowing how confusing the layout of a credit report can be, I wanted to share a tip with you, on how the three bureaus, Equifax, Transunion and Experian list your information on their report. It might seem like Greek to you at first, but by the end of this video tip, you should feel comfortable enough to go through each trade line with a fine tooth comb and pick out any items that might be negatively affecting your credit score. In less than ten minutes, you will learn how to create your BIG SCORE Take Action Plan (TAP) Check List , so that you can be on your way to an improved credit situation.

Step 4-Dispute, Negotiate or Wait

Dispute, negotiate or wait-these are the action steps you can take when it comes to cleaning up your credit. This can seem like a hefty task and since I realize that credit repair is not your full-time job, I thought I’d help simplify things for you and share a valuable tip. In this video clip, you will learn exactly where to start, whether you decide to open a dispute, negotiate or wait. Watch to learn some basic tips on the commitment involved in opening a dispute, some important resources that will educate you on the ins and outs of credit negotiation, and why waiting will cost you in the long-run.

Step 5-Disputing Do’s and Don’ts

Have you scanned thru your credit report only to find a credit card with a whopping balance that doesn’t belong to you? What about a second mortgage listed, when you only have one loan on your home? Disputing items on your credit report is an absolute must, especially when you find information on your report that does not belong to you or is reported incorrectly. Did you know that if you do not follow the proper measures when disputing, then your efforts can actually have the opposite effect on your credit and your score could actually go down? I want to make sure that the effort and energy that you are putting into the dispute process, produces the results that you deserve and that’s why I wanted to share this extremely valuable tip with you-Disputing Do’s and Don’ts. If you invest six minutes and tune into this quick video tip, not only will you save yourself hours of frustration and unnecessary work but you’ll learn the ten tips that will help you avoid the credit disputing mistakes that many consumers make.

Step 6-Getting Your Mix in Check

I have a great tip that I want to share with you today, one that is sure to give you the knowledge you need in order to develop a high quality credit profile, with excellent credit scores! I often find there is a misconception when it comes to the mix of credit that is needed in order to generate excellent credit scores and because this mix makes up a percentage of your actual credit score, I thought you would find this video tip to be highly valuable. Tune in to learn which credit accounts are the ones to have and how you can use them as a tool for financial freedom.

Step 7-Managing Your Debt Strategically

This may seem like a BFO (blinding flash of the obvious) but did you know that the way you manage your debt has a tremendous impact on your credit scores? What may come as a surprise is that there are some very common mistakes consumers make that can cost their credit score 100 points. I am committed to helping you create an overall debt strategy that leads to your long term financial freedom, and as your trusted advisor, I wanted to share this video tip with you of one of the best-kept secrets for improving your credit score. Tune in to discover what your credit card balance to limit ratio should be and what actions you should take if you exceed the suggested limits.

Step 8-The Top 10 Credit Myths

The economy sure has thrown us all for a loop this year, but did you know how many consumers have been taken on a wild ride by those who claim to be financial gurus and credit repair specialists? Far too many have gotten caught in this tangled web, and as your trusted advisor, I am committed to making sure that you are armed with the information you need to protect your finances and your family from such predators. This is why I want to share with you, the top 10 credit myths- so that you can avoid the credit advice that can potentially damage your credit.

Step 9-What to Do if You Don’t Have Credit?

Having credit is like having a golden ticket to financial freedom. But if you have not established credit yet, it’s OK-I can show you where you need to start. Check out the video I have included for you and you’ll learn how easy it is to establish credit and secure your financial future. Take action and implement the quick tips in this lesson and in less than six months, you’ll be on your way to having your very own golden ticket!

Step 10-Maintenance is Key to Long Term Financial Health

In life, we maintain those things that we take great pride in-our bodies, our health, our hair, our home, our lawn-you get the picture! Credit maintenance might not come to mind here, but I can assure you, that adding this to your “to-do list” will benefit you in the long run. I realize this seems like no easy task, and that is why I wanted to send you this video tip, to show you how simple it is to maintain your credit. Tune in to learn how this discipline will help you achieve long-term financial health.


Additional information regarding your credit and credit score can be found on our blog.

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