6 Listing Description Mistakes

6 Listing Description Mistakes

While photos are key to painting an accurate portrait of a listing, descriptions are important too. Here are six common listing description mistakes and tips for how to fix them, so you can create listing copy that sells. 

Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

Attention to detail matters to homebuyers, and text errors can erode professional credibility. Spell check won't catch context errors (like "no grime area" instead of "no crime area"). Have someone else read your copy to help eliminate spelling and grammar mistakes.

Poor Word Choice

Avoid using jargon and acronyms only industry professionals would understand. Instead, paint a picture of the home using popular keywords that capture attention and add value (like "luxurious," "remodeled" or "landscaped"). 

Including Repetitive Details

The MLS already lists bedrooms, bathrooms, square feet, lot size, and other basics. Don't waste marketing space repeating these features. Promote other selling points unique to the listing.

Missing Desirable Details

Don't hesitate to mention well-known appliances, fixtures, architectural design styles or popular brands of items staying in the home.

Not Appealing to everyone

Keep listings fresh by rotating two or three versions of your description to highlight features that will attract different types of buyers and help you cast a wider net. 

No Call to Action

At the end of your description, make sure to urge prospects to call you to arrange a property viewing and avoid missing out. 

Elevate your listing descriptions with these tips! 

Sources: Zillow, UpNest 


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