5 Email Marketing Secrets for Realtors®

5 Email Marketing Secrets for Realtors®

Email marketing for Utah Realtors® is still one of the best ways to connect with your prospects, clients and referral partners. Regardless of which system you use, or even if you outsource your marketing, it's up to you to understand how to get the best response from your marketing. 

Consider these five best practices:

No more than 3 fonts:

As a rule, professionals should never use more than three fonts in one design. And that doesn't mean you should use three. Just remember, clutter-free comprehension is the main goal of marketing by email.

Focus on the subject:

Before you hit send, come up with a subject line that creates an incentive to open your email. Figure out what subject lines persuade you to open your own email, then modify those subject lines to fit your message.

A single call-to-action:

You should have a call-to-action link in every email—but only one. People don't respond well to multiple choices in email. You can send them to a web page that does a more thorough selling job and offers multiple choices, but don't force the email to do too much.

3 call-to-action links:

While you should only have one call-to-action, you should insert that call-to-action link up to three times, depending on the length of the email. This increases the chances for a click-through.

Write a PS:

The second most-read part of an email is the postscript. So always put a summary of your email and offer, and a final call-to-action into one or more postscripts. (The subject line is most-read, so spend time crafting these two elements.)

Source: ActiveRain


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