Why Your Home Needs a Mudroom This Winter

Why Your Home Needs a Mudroom This Winter

It may not seem like it, but winter is already creeping in across the United States, including Utah. Some cities have already experienced snow flurries. Snow means that water, leaves, and all types of debris will get tracked into your home - the beautiful home that you spent so much time designing and cleaning. You need a mudroom.

Mudrooms are great for preventing water and dirt from entering your home, but they also keep boots, coats, and other winter accessories in one location. You don't want to find a wet coat draped over a couch or a scarf on the kitchen table. When kids and adults alike enter your home through a mudroom, they can place their outerwear in one location and enter the inside of your home clean and comfortable.

Homeowners who don't have built-in mudrooms can take heart in some good news. You can make one yourself without any construction. While you're welcome to build a mudroom into your home, consider turning an existing space into an area to minimize the spread of dirt.

Start by identifying areas that are easy to clean if they get dirty. Some families set up a mudroom space in their garage or share space with their laundry room if it has direct access to the outdoors. With this arrangement in place, it doesn't matter what the kids track inside; you can easily clean a tile or cement floor.

You can also create a high-end mudroom to use when you entertain guests. Look for high-traffic areas that people use to enter your home. You can create a sitting area directly inside with a few pieces of furniture - including a coat rack, sitting area, and place for boots - or you can turn a closet into a mudroom of its own if you have enough space. This option is more appealing for guests instead of having them come through your laundry area to enter your house.

A mudroom is a great way to prevent dirt and water from getting tracked through your house while giving you a design opportunity to personalize your Utah home.

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