Cultivating a Positive Client Relationship

Cultivating a Positive Client Relationship

Cultivating a positive client relationship will go a long way toward helping you close a profitable sale. Though you're likely juggling several clients at once, no one wants to feel like they're one amid many. Use these tips to communicate clearly and productively with your clients, so they'll feel like they're the sole focus of your attention.

Demonstrate Active Listening

Demonstrate active listening by restating the client's viewpoint. When you repeat back what you've heard, you give the other individual the chance to elaborate on a point or correct any misunderstandings that you might have. Statements like "What I'm hearing is..." are great lead-ins that give you the opportunity to make sure you're all on the same page.

Focusing on Facts

Focusing on facts rather than emotions can help calm a difficult client and foster positive relationships. If you're dealing with a homebuyer who has an overly negative viewpoint of the situation, take the time to list out the pros and cons on a piece of paper so the homebuyer can see the situation more clearly. Highlighting the facts will also help you avoid certain misinterpretations. If a client isn't understanding the issue clearly because he or she is too closely or emotionally involved, you can refocus the conversation on the more relevant issue by sticking solely to the facts in the situation.

Prioritize the Client's Time

Everyone's time is important. Demonstrate that you value your client's time by always showing up early to appointments, returning phone calls promptly, and responding to emails as soon as you can. Never let a communication go unaddressed for more than 24 hours. If you're in the process of getting an answer, let your client know you're working on it rather than wait to respond.

When you make an effort to communicate frequently and clearly with your clients, you'll build a positive relationship that will have significant benefits for all parties involved.

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