Adding a Patio: 4 Fun Ideas

Adding a Patio: 4 Fun Ideas

Give your patio some color and zest this summer with these four fun ideas that everyone will love.

Add Colorful Hammocks

Hammocks are a great way to relax, and they come in many different styles and sizes. Add a fun pop of color to your patio by hanging one or two hand-woven hammocks that have vividly colored fabric. Hammocks can be attached to existing poles, or they can be hung on a stand made of metal or wood.

Build a Pergola with Hand-Carved Posts

Pergolas are a great way to bring shade to your patio. A pergola is built on a vertical post with a top made from some form of latticework. The top can be made out of woody vines, finely slatted pieces of wood, or even elegant shade cloth. Find an artistic woodworker who can carve a beautiful and creative design on the upright posts to add a unique touch.

Install a Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Who doesn't love pizza? Impress your friends and guests with a pizza made in your stone or brick wood-fired pizza oven. These ovens can be large or small, and they make a wonderful focal point on your patio. Find a source of wood that burns long and hot, and use your imagination to add toppings to your delicious wood-fired pizza.

Add a Water Feature

Listening to running water is very calming. You can create a peaceful oasis around your patio with an interesting water feature. You can add a free-standing fountain to your patio that attracts birds, or you can have water flowing down the side of a wall for a pretty visual effect. If your patio is large enough, add a channel that separates one sitting area from another, and use stepping stones to transition from one side to the other.

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