The VA Home Loan Program: It’s Flexible

The VA home loan program has many benefits. One you may not know about: There’s no specific waiting period after a short sale to apply for a VA loan. Other home loan programs have waiting periods of three or more years after a short sale to apply for another mortgage.A short sale is when you sell your home for less than the balance remaining on your mortgage. Short sales can provide a way for families with real estate issues to get a fresh start and avoid foreclosure. But selling your home via a short sale can make purchasing another home right away difficult.The VA home loan program has...

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Your Home Buying Team

Buying your first home? Here are three real estate professionals who will play a big role in your leap from renting to owning your own home:Mortgage loan officer. Before you look at a single home, you should get pre-approved for financing from a reputable mortgage company. Once you’re pre-approved, you can begin your home search. By visiting with a lender first, you’ll know how much home you can reasonably afford and you’ll be able to make legitimate offers on any homes that meet your criteria.Real estate agent. There’s a reason that nearly 90 percent of home ...

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Should You Take Advantage of Lower Mortgage Rates?

Have you checked mortgage rates lately? Fixed mortgage rates have been hitting a low for the year. Whether you’re a home buyer, homeowner or home seller, the dip in mortgage rates could be a benefit to you.Today’s low mortgage rates also have made home ownership more affordable than it has been in years. Whether you’re thinking about buying your first home, making a move to a large one or purchasing a second home or rental, low mortgage rates can stretch your purchasing power.Thinking about refinancing? It’s no surprise that refinancing activity has incre...

September 19th, 2017 | Refinance, Interest Rates, Should You Take Advantage of Lower Mortgage Rates?

The fall home buying and selling season starts soon

When it comes to real estate, the summer home-buying season is the busiest, with many families wanting to be settled in their new homes before school starts. This year, however, home buying and selling activity is expected to remain strong through the last quarter of the year throughout the Salt Lake City area and all of Utah.If you’re thinking of selling your home in late summer or early fall, know that there likely will be a smaller group of potential buyers than there were in June and July. However, those purchasing homes in the fall are often more serious, which can more than make up...

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Title Insurance: A Must-Have for Home Buyers

If you are buying a home, you are also entering the world of title insurance. That’s because buyers of a home are, in a sense, actually buyers of that home’s title — the paperwork that proves that the existing owners do in fact own the property, and have the clear right to sell it.According to experts, nearly one third of all title searches turns up a problem with the property’s title — a problem that has to be dealt with and resolved before any home sale can transaction can be completed. That’s where title insurance comes in.To establish a seller’s ri...

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Questions to ask when choosing a home inspector

A pre-purchase home inspection is a recommended part of the home buying process. An investment of about $300 to $500 can help you avoid an unexpected defect that could cost thousands of dollars, even tens of thousands, after you sign on the dotted line. Here are some questions to help you select the right home inspector for you:How long have you been an inspector? How many inspections have you performed? An inspector should be able to provide an overview of his or her qualifications and background as well as some customer referrals. Ask if the inspector is a member of any state or nationa...

September 9th, 2017 | Home Buying Tips, Questions to ask when choosing a home inspector

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