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Investment Property Loan

Being a property investor requires a long-term real estate investing plan. At Advanced Funding Home Mortgage Loans, we have the expertise to assist you with all of your investment property loan needs. Whether you're buying your first investment property or a seasoned investor we can help.


Purchasing an Investment Property

When purchasing an investment property it is important to understand that the guidelines are often different than when financing a primary residence property.

Below is a list of a few qualifying differences to be aware:

Most loan programs allow you to use the amount of rent you will receive as a qualifying factor

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Refinance Your Investment Property

Fast, low-interest rate refinancing is your key to increased profitability and continued success.

Advanced Funding Home Mortgage Loans allows you to invest in properties with up to four units, and you can refinance or sell at any time with no prepayment penalties.

For more information regarding an investment property loan contact one of our Utah mortgage brokers at 801.272.0600.