Why Choose a Mortgage Broker?


Mortgage Broker Utah

When it comes to choosing the right mortgage loan, having options is a good thing. Options allow you to compare prices and select what is most affordable. Working with the right Utah mortgage broker is key to getting the ideal mortgage loan.

Whether you’re buying your first home, second home, or looking to refinance an existing one, working with a local, experienced mortgage broker, such as Advanced Funding Home Mortgage Loans will make the loan experience easy and stress-free. Our desire is to provide you with a comprehensive education about our multiple loan options so you can choose a solution that best fits your needs.

Our team of licensed Utah mortgage brokers are ready and waiting to help you. Choosing Advanced Funding will ensure that you are working with one of the top mortgage companies in Utah. We will also shop dozens of mortgage lenders and programs to ensure we find the right loan program for you, at the lowest Utah mortgage rates available. Below are a few of the top reasons to work with a mortgage broker instead of a mortgage banker.

Service on Your Schedule

Banks and credit unions strictly work banker's hours, we are much more flexible and are willing to accommodate your availability, even if that means the weekend. This can make all the difference for those who have full-time jobs and/or children at home, or just prefer to do things when it is convenient for you.

We do the Research

Since we work independently from mortgage lenders and banks, we shop around for the best interest rates and loan products for your specific needs. This saves you a ton of time and money and opens up many more options from companies that limit their programs. We also have systems in place to make sure you are involved and informed every step of the way.

Experience and Expertise

The mortgage process can be confusing and is full of industry jargon that many borrowers don't understand. That's where we come in, as licensed independent mortgage brokers we have been through extensive training and understand the mortgage process from both sides, lender and borrower. We outline the details behind every rate and programs, breaking it down so that you understand your options and feel comfortable you're making the right decision.

More Home Loan Options

As a Utah mortgage broker, and one of the leading mortgage companies in Utah, we take the time to understand your personal circumstances and mortgage goals so they can match you with the best loan program. We have access to a large portfolio of banks and lenders to effectively compare and contrast mortgage rates. Instead of meeting with several banks and mortgage lenders on separate occasions, you can meet or talk with just us, one time, and have access to all of the same information.

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