How to Make a Small Home Look Bigger

How to Make a Small Home Look Bigger

Whether it’s your first, second, or third home, you can’t always afford all the space you want. Here’s how to make any Utah home feel more spacious:

Choose Colors Wisely

Darker paint colors and tones can bring warmth to a room and make it feel cozy, but when a space is small to begin with, they can make it feel like the walls are closing in on you. Choose light and airy colors to create an open feeling and make a space seem larger. But that doesn’t mean everything needs to be white and sterile. Accessorizing with pops of color or accent pieces will keep things interesting.

Go Easy on the Furniture

Using too much furniture, or the wrong scale of furniture can induce a feeling of claustrophobia. For example, if you have a small living room, a giant sectional sofa may not be the best furniture choice. Too much furniture can have the same effect. A room should be open enough that you have space to move around in it. If furniture is blocking walkways or restricting access, it’s probably the wrong scale for the room.

Use Multi-Purpose Pieces

Multi-functional pieces, such as a bed with storage drawers underneath or an end table that’s also a bookshelf, can help make your room feel bigger.

Keep Clutter Under Control

Trinkets, knick-knacks, or too much stuff everywhere can be overwhelming. Keep rooms free of clutter to make them feel more open and spacious.

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