Lead Follow-Up Strategies That Win Business

Lead Follow-Up Strategies That Win Business

Lead-generation technology and consumer expectations have changed dramatically in recent years, making it even more critical for proper follow-up. Here are five strategies for optimizing your time-to-conversion and growing your income. 

1. Categorize your leads based on timeframe and commitment level

  • Timeframe: Likely to act in the next 60 days, 60 to 180 days, more than 180 days.
    Commitment Level: Casual browser, getting serious, ready to buy.

2. Stratify your leads based on the appropriate follow-up approach:

  • Act Now: Timeframe in the next 60 days and either "getting serious" or "ready to buy."
    Nurture: Likely to act in more than 60 days or "casual browser."

3. Customize your outreach based on the lead stratifications.

Once you have the lead, it is important to place them into an appropriate marketing campaign based on the stratifications. A campaign for your "Act Now" leads should receive regular marketing follow-ups with content tailored towards the specifics of the buying process, while a "Nurture" lead would likely be better off with occasional touchpoints based on broader home buying topics.

4. Use a multi-channel approach.

The goal is to book an appointment, but the way that each lead prefers to receive communication may not yet be known. It is important to focus on multiple channels such as phone, email, text and social media to get your name out there and improve the chance of a response. 

5. Disqualify quickly.

As you make contact with leads, it is just as important to disqualify those who are not serious or may not be a good fit for you in order to maximize your time with qualified leads. 

Combined, these strategies will help you cultivate prospects with the highest likelihood of saying "yes," so you can spend more time on building your business instead of chasing leads. 

Source: REALTOR® Magazine