Two Sizzling Social Media Strategies

Two Sizzling Social Media Strategies

Social media can be a marketing boon, but coming up with ways to engage people isn't always easy. Below are two free and easy-to-implement ideas that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Educate Clients with a Private Facebook Group

Build trust and add value by hosting a space around your primary niche or favorite real estate related topic. Private Facebook Groups are a by-invitation forum where consumers can experience your aptitude in action. 

Choose a broad subject, such as building wealth through Utah real estate, investment properties, first-time homebuying, or whatever best showcases your personal brand. Send an invitation to your database, then start posting relevant content, hosting educational live streams, and inviting followers to learn, discuss and dialog. Pin a post to the top of the Group page with a call to action to drive members to your website, a free e-book download or to subscribe to your newsletter. 

Use Twitter Polls to increase participation

You can easily create polls from the main interface to ask questions, gather opinions, get feedback or just have some fun. Once posted, you'll see the results in real time, and voting is anonymous.

Use polls to engage on real estate and local topics, such as most-desired renovations, preferred rooms of the house or favorite restaurants in the neighborhood. Then, use that context for marketing campaigns or to guide newcomers to the area.

These innovative ideas will help you increase engagement, bring value and add a little more fun for your fans and followers. 

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