4 Simple Ways to Get - and Benefit from - Client Feedback

4 Simple Ways to Get - and Benefit from - Client Feedback

4 Simple Ways to Get - and Benefit from - Client Feedback

These days, getting feedback from your clients is often just an email, web form or social media post away. Before feedback gets buried in your inbox or lost in your feed, grab it and grow from it. Here are four things you can do to get client feedback, deepen your relationships and boost your bottom line.

Seek out feedback everywhere.

Your clients use your product or service more than you do. Benefit from their experiences. Start following customer discussion forums in your area of expertise, read support tickets, gather emails and notes from staff, and watch your social media platforms--you may unearth some real treasures.

Use feedback to motivate.

Share the amazing things clients have said with your team. If you're in a traditional office, consider creating a display in an easily spotted location, like by the coffee pot, microwave or printer. If your team works in different locations, set up a webpage where you can post feedback for motivation and idea trading.

Turn feedback into testimonials.

One of the most powerful ways to use feedback is to create testimonials. They practically sell your product or service for you and help you build credibility. Make testimonials more powerful by getting permission to use real names and actual numbers to demonstrate your expertise.

Recognize and thank your clients.

Clients who give you valuable feedback have gone the extra mile. Send them a heartfelt thank you or recognize them as "Client of the Month" on your Facebook page. When you show your clients that feedback matters to you, expect even more great feedback.

There are many ways to use client feedback to help grow your business. But first, you can't let it get away. Create a simple system for yourself or your team to capture feedback and share it.

Feel free to pass these helpful tips along to your team, clients, and colleagues!

Source: Entrepreneur